Our commitment is not just in words
Our certifications prove it

Current Certifications

List of certifications achieved and maintained to this day.

Certified SystemLevelAgency
Quality Management SystemISO 9001-2008 Lloyd’s Register
Health and Safety Management SystemOHSAS-2007Lloyd’s Register
Environmental Management SystemISO 14001-2004Lloyd’s Register
Pressure Vessels Fabrication & RepairASME Code Hartford Steam Boiler
“U” Stamp (FabricationHartford Steam Boiler
“S” Stamp (Boiler)Hartford Steam Boiler
“R” Stamp (Repair)Hartford Steam Boiler
“PP” Stamp (Process Piping)Hartford Steam Boiler
European Pressure Vessels FabricationPED Hartford Steam Boiler
Pressure Vessels RegistrationNBNational Board
Customs-Trade Partnership Against TerrorismC-TPAT US Department of Homeland Security
AWS Procedures in WeldingAWS American Welding Society
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